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Anne Cécile

Anne Cécile discovered Yoga while studying photography in London in 2009. At first amazed by the physical benefits of practicing asanas and her quest for bodily well-being, she quickly felt it was more than that. Yoga has never left her and has become for her a union of practices beyond the mat that balances her life and her emotions.

What she transmits is simple, creative, powerful but always rooted in tradition. There are effective tools that help to move forward: breath, concentration, stillness, movement, intensity and rest.

Passionate about Hindu philosophy, anatomy, free and functional movement, she continues to educate herself as much as possible in order to infuse her classes with a touch of modernity while keeping her classical roots.

Anne Cécile continues her profession as a photographer by devoting herself to activities related to the body, and to holistic disciplines: MIND, BODY AND SOUL.

She regularly follows workshops and intensive training in Hatha Raja yoga with Andrei Ram and Vinyasa with Simon Park, her two mentors. Always curious and eager to learn more, she also learns from other teachers (more particularly masters and disciples of the Dharma Mittra Lineage).

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