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Practicing for over 20 years and a graduate in creative therapeutic yoga, Aurélie has been teaching yoga and meditation in private and group classes since 2012 and in companies since 2017, but also during workshops and immersive retreats.

Rich in many techniques acquired throughout her years of practice and continuous training in various fields, she creates RegenerativeYoga, a global yoga allowing a deep, sensitive work, adapted to all and focused on the conscious regeneration of all our being, on a physiological, psycho-emotional or spiritual level.


Her commitment is to allow you to cultivate a quality of presence enabling you to be present to others. Slowing down to allow yourself to reconnect with what is most authentic in yourself, with benevolence, responsibility, and find an interior breath, a consciousness of Self, a free and true state of Being that allows you to open and to develop collective consciousness. Allowing you to become autonomous and confident in your feelings, in your practice, on the mat, and in life. That's where lies for her the real possibility of transformation ...

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