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Cyril Léger has discovered meditation at the age of five with his mother. Today, he's teaching meditation both in companies and to people who are keen to awaken to Life.

After several years spent alongside Patrice Brasseur and Frédérique Larcher and their training in essential psychology (Psychosohie), Cyril has decided to work to disseminate as widely as possible this message of peace and impersonality. He has created a method aimed at bringing together as faithfully as possible the ancient Wisdoms with the current daily necessities.

His training is focused on the path of Yoga, esoteric psychology and spiritual astrology. However, he also nourishes his teaching through an interest for Platonic Philosophy, Sufi wisdom, Taoism, Buddhism or even Hesychiasm in the Philocaly of the Neptic Fathers. The teachings that he is trying to transmit are intended to be accessible to all and do not require specific prior knowledge. They are based on the simplicity and delicacy of the present moment.

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