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It was in Florianopolis, nicknamed Island of Magic in southern Brazil, that at a young age Heder began to take an interest in body and mind. First by attending a training in relaxing massage and lymphatic drainage at the Mayeves School, he quickly discovered power yoga thanks to his regular practice of surfing.

His life path took him to Switzerland where he studied design at HEAD Geneva. In 2012, after a difficult time, he regained his emotional and professional balance and began to practice again in Geneva with his partner Anne-Cécile, who introduced him to a class with Olivia Tüscher. She became his teacher and friend. 

Heder also met Andrei Ram. This encounter totally transforms his approach to Yoga, and spontaneously he turns towards a traditional and simple practice (pranayama, asanas, nidra) but also fluid, graceful and dynamic sequences with many variations, requiring strength, concentration and flexibility. This is what he transmits during classes, with a particular emphasis on mobility. Very gently, and thanks to a real attention paid to the energy of the breath, he will guide you towards the awareness of the present moment.

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