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Jenny & Robin

For Jenny and Robin, music opens spaces that allow for true self-expression. Authenticity is at the core of their life, returning to the essence of being together and allowing everyone to express themselves freely. Music is a channel to sing about Life, Earth, Love.

Jenny accompanies women on their life path individually and in circles, by creating sacred spaces. This sacredness that she rediscovered through her interaction with nature, and which has become for her the very essence of life.

Robin is part of the electro-organic music collective Les Fines Herbes, and invites people to dance to remember, instead of dancing to forget! Music is language, and language is vibrational and sacred. This leitmotiv motivates all in his life, and it's growing.

Together, with music as a background note, they organise Sacred Cacao ceremonies. In these circles of transformation and healing, they open doors for participants to return to their true Essence.

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