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RYT®500 and E-RYT®500 is a dedicated yogini on and off the mat for three decades and a passionate yoga and meditation teacher since 1996. Certified with the White Lotus Foundation of Santa Barbara and Baron Baptist Level I, she has completed over 350 hours of Anusara®, training, yoga therapy, as well as 17 years with ParaYoga®. Jessica is a senior student of Yogarupa, Rod Stryker, one of the world’s pre-eminent teachers. Since then, she has been initiated into the ancient sacred lineage of Shri Vidya.  

Known for her inner radiance, her creativity and her presence, Jessica integrates the biomechanics of Anusara® and the sacred energetic wisdom of ParaYoga®. She guides her students through a seamless flow of balanced movement choreographed by the intelligence of the breath. She seeds the gaps with inspirational thoughts, yogic wisdom and self-inquiry. Each class, unique in its own, is rooted in the Tantra Hatha Yoga tradition and calls upon vinyasa krama, the breath, precise alignment and meditation, transporting her students to a place of remembrance and connection with their inner Source.

Inspired by Buddhist teachings and having participated in numerous Vipasana retreats, Jessica pilgrims yearly to Laos, ‘a home away from home’, where she steeps herself in stillness.

Founder and co-director of O2yoga, Jessica inspires hundreds of students yearly. She has touched yogis across the four corners of the globe offering international workshops, intensives, retreats, teacher trainings and humanitarian events in the USA, France, England, Switzerland, Laos and Cambodia. She is an on-going participating teacher with online videos for YogaChezMoi, Gather Yoga Collective and Yoga Anytime.

An inspirational writer and coach, she is passionate about the path of self transformation and personal development and aspires to share this with others.

Today, yoga is the path that is responsible for her inner joy, her daily smile and her constant search for growth. A day without yoga is a day without a smile.

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