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photo: : © Blandine Soulage pour son livre « Yoga Vinyasa, une méditation en mouvement » (Editions Jouvence 2018) 


Julien Levy is a certified teacher of vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga and acroyoga, a Thai massage trainer, author of numerous books on yoga and editor of Yoga Journal.

He transmits these arts in retreats in France and Switzerland, but also through the music for wellbeing that he composes.

His approach "Free the body, soothe the mind" is one of the bases of his method of personal development. In his classes, he emphasizes self-respect and awareness of movement. “By learning to move our limits, rather than going beyond them, the whole field of our inner potential, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, opens up. "

Yoga is for him a metaphor for life: postures are all life situations that we tame through breathing.


A former martial arts practitioner, he pioneered Budo Yoga - the path of the unified warrior in peace, an approach that fuses yoga and martial arts.

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