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Leyla is a 500 hr ERYT a shiatsu practitioner and a reiki channeler calling home wherever she happens to sleep. Living mostly between N Cyprus and Kenya. She is the co founder of Karuna Yoga Journeys offering 100 hr, 200 hr and 300 hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in person across East Africa as well as online options for those unable to travel.

"I see yoga as a daily practice of surrendering to the power of now and honoring one’s truth. My inspiration and creativity come from a life fueled by love, truth, courage and the journey of acceptance and trust. I believe in the value of conscious movement that cultivates strength, flexibility and awareness.

I believe in magic.

I love storytelling, fairy tales, mythology, mudra, mantra and all elements of the subtle pranic body system. I playfully explore these concepts in my Vinyasa and Yin classes hoping to inspire curiosity about the body and invite an internal feeling of awakening.

My students can expect to be led through intelligent sequences of postures, gain an insight into the power of mudras and build deeper communication between the body, spirit and mind.” 

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