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Vanessa Langer offers a subtle approach to the body, emotions and sexuality through psycho-sensory listening.  Years of training in several fields have given her the ability to see the human from various angles. Her constant research, theoretical, artistic, therapeutic and sensory, around the body, socio-cultural conditioning, sexuality and emotions, gives rise today to a practice crossed by these different perspectives.

Deeply touched by the non-dual tantric orientation, as transmitted by Eric Baret in Kashmiri yoga, her daily life has been impregnated by this tradition, which constantly questions her perception of the world. Now Vanessa Langer proposes an empirical approach, in resonance with what she is in the moment.

In each of her sessions, whether collective or individual, she finds the same non-dual orientation in its different forms and expressions. Feeling is at the heart of all explorations. It is a space intended for sensory listening and awareness of its own patterns. It is not a question of transforming oneself but of discovering oneself as one is.

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